0436 Grown on a rock

Grown on a rock,1956 Luc-Peter Crombé

Technical data:

  • Inventory number: 0436
  • Title: Grown on a rock
  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm
  • Technique: tempera on panel
  • Signed: bottom left side
  • Creation year: 1956


Wild, infertile soils are captivated by desolate and barren tree configurations. The twisted force with which this tree configuration fills the panel is no longer a tree drawn by destiny, but a kind of mythological element. This tree gains magical powers. Forcibly twisted with sinister arms from which a satyr’s head (the head of a forest God) could emerge at any moment. This work is part of the Corsica suite from the first period of Luc-Peter CrombĂ©. In this work, the visual reality of tree configurations is represented, but supplemented or modified by one’s own fantasy. The tempera paint used her is made by rubbing dry powdered dyes into a mortar, mixed with egg yolk and water, by hand or with a pestle. Egg yolk is itself an emulsion of oily substances and water, in which egg whites are dissolved. Once the tempera dries, the water first evaporates, after which the denaturation of the proteins occurs and no longer soluble in water. The oil does not change chemically during the drying process, but keeps the paint layer smooth.